Get me OUT of Here

As previously mentioned in my last post, I was invited back for a second interview the following day. Originally I thought I had applied for a receptionist job at a marketing firm, and it ended up being a sales position for a marketing company. Due to my current state of unemployment, I thought I was not in a position to turn away any opportunities, so I went. The second interview was to be conducted at the end of the day after spending a few hours job shadowing, I figured we would be attending some appointments with businesses and potential clients etc. PSYCH, was I ever wrong. To my immediate disgruntled surprise, I was now spending the day shadowing a door-to-door salesman. In freezing temperatures (and snow), I followed this salesman around listening to him pitch to seniors and any other unlucky folk who happened to be home, and stupid enough to answer their door midday. The whole time while making conversation with this man I was thinking HOW AM I GOING TO GET OUT OF THIS. Halfway through the day he tells me there will be a quiz at the end of our time together and that I should start memorizing some keys point, this is where out of pure frustration and frozen-ness I said that I was no longer interested in the position and that I had no idea what the position actually entailed, being the worlds most annoying human. We said our awkward goodbyes and I thanked him for the great experience of the day anyway. In summary, I learned that I need to ask what the job is before I agree to interview for it, and that I am still unemployed.

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