Satan’s Spawn is my Roommate

In honour of my first Throwback Thursday, I thought I would entertain you all with a topic that everyone deals with, Roommate Drama. Now everyone has their own issues with roommates while living in student housing, but I thought mine is pretty unique and well RIDICULOUS. The story begins at the beginning of last summer, when I decided to break up with my boyfriend of 4.5 years. As break ups are concerned, it was very civil and I left the situation feeling very happy about my decision. As summer wound down to the end, I was looking forward to going back to school in Toronto and moving back in to my student house. The day after I moved back in, my roommate, who I now call Satan’s Spawn, whom I had lived with for 3 years, approaches me and says that we need to have an awkward conversation. She proceeds to tell me that over the summer break she has kept in contact with my ex, who my friends and I call Voldemort (Mom if your reading this Voldemort is the bad guy in Harry Potter), and they have now started dating. So, in complete and utter shock I politely ask her to leave my room so I can have time to think about this situation that is now my life. First off, WTF, secondly, ARE YOU KIDDING ME, third, HOW DARE YOU. Am I right? I took a few days to vent to my friends and family about how two of the world’s worst people are now together, and how I have to live smack dab in the middle of that situation. When I say we are roommates, we literally share a wall between our rooms so I can hear them giggle on the phone together (gag). I took a few days, and decided that she didn’t deserve any face time with me, so I wrote her a letter outlining obvious details such as: she’s horrible, he’s horrible, they belong together, don’t ever talk to me again, and that I will be civil and not burn down her room for the sake of the household.

Its now been seven months of this hellish living situation, but its almost over. Your probably wondering, has Voldemort dared to step inside this house? Have I seen them together? The answer is no, but for future notice, if I blog about beating up a guy, it’ll be him.

PS, found out they had hooked up while we were still dating

PPS, Still unemployed, also single?


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