Ding Dong the Wicked Witch is DEAD


Just kidding, the witch (aka Satan’s Spawn) did not die…but she did MOVE OUT. I’d like to thank my wonderful roommates for helping me endure this roller coaster that Satan’s child sprung on me. Last night her family came with her to move out all of her tainted belongings, and no Voldemort did not show his face, its celebration time people! What does this mean for me?

-I no longer have to blast annoying music at the top of my speakers to get her to shut her door, For example, I frequently used The House that Heaven Built by The Japandroids;


-I no longer have to roll my eyes when I hear her coughing in her room

-I no longer have to watch any movies at full volume in my room at midnight on a school night

-I no longer have to talk obnoxiously loud on the phone about how I hate my ‘roommate issues’

-I no longer have to stop my drunken friends from trying to break into her room and sabotage her belongings (long live my wonderful friends)

-I no longer have to make gagging noises when I see her leave her bedroom

-I no longer have to pretend I hate country music (because thats all she played in her room so I went on strike for 7 months)

To sum it all up, my life will be a lot more relaxing in this house. My life as we know will now improve, that is once I get a job.

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