Graduation, Smaduation

Welcome, class of 2014, to the real world. Whether it took you 4,5 or 6 years to finish your degree, you did it, you made it out and lived to tell about it. Welcome to the days where getting out of bed are optional and pizza for every meal is acceptable.

Going through post secondary education, there are three stages that every student goes through.

  1. This place is heaven. This is usually the first transition year into school, where hopefully you have moved away from home and are enjoying your first taste of freedom, otherwise known as your parents have no idea whether you are sleeping late, skipping class and/or drinking on a Monday night.
  2.  I hate school I want to drop out, is usually around exam time, when you’ve had two scheduled on the same day and haven’t read any of the required course readings until the day before the exam.
  3.  Please don’t make me leave, is the stage where you’re in the midst of graduating. Where you wish you could stay an extra year, you’re not ready for reality, being a student is part of your identity, WHAT THE HELL AM I GOING TO DO NOW.

You’ve worked your ass of for years in the endless cycle of class, exams, summer jobs and co-op terms, now its time to relax. If you’re like me and have no job lined up, believe it or not, we should enjoy these lazy times. Of course looking for employment is necessary, try not to stress yourself out over the issue. Take a break, enjoy a few weeks of TV show marathons, online shopping, weekday drinking and overall celebrating how awesome you are, YOU GRADUATED. Your student loans may be higher then the Eiffel Tower, and your bank account may be lower than your self esteem, but there is no price on freedom…right? Take advantage of these simpler times before you’re stuck in an office job or working as a barista at Starbucks, we all have a few dead end jobs in our futures, a few months where we think we won’t make rent, and a few days where Kraft Dinner is your dinner budget. Don’t forget, you’ll always have that overpriced piece of paper that tells you you’re intelligent and ready for the grown up world. Just remember:

-Its ok to cry, (I have multiple times)

-Its ok to be unemployed

-Its ok to ask your parents for money (don’t worry, its unlimited)

-Its ok to sleep until noon to escape your mess of a life

-Its ok to watch an entire TV show season in one day, no judgment

-Its ok to have NO idea what you’re doing, after all, you have forever to figure it out


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