Balls Dropping

My past week as an unemployed good for nothing graduate, has been pretty uneventful. So I figured I could do a Way Back Wednesday. Over this past Christmas break, a few friends invited me on a short trip to NYC over New Years. Back at this point, I was single and unemployed (somethings never change), and figured why not, lets go! So five Toronto girls decided to hit the bigger city. If your not familiar with me, you would not be aware that I suffer a life threatening condition, chronic motion sickness. Cars, busses, planes, subways, swings, spinning tea cups at Disney, spinning computer chairs, its all undoable in my eyes. Therefore naturally, we decided to drive the eight hours to NYC to be more cost efficient. I sat in the middle seat in the back of the car to enable full view of the road and lessen my chance of car-sickness, and it worked! I made it the entire ride without complaining once, and there started our adventure. We spent our couple of days sight seeing and getting the full New York experience. But because we were there over New Years, we HAD to celebrate. I had watched the infamous ball dropping ceremony in Times Square for years, and always thought it looked interesting. The morning of New Years Eve we arrived in Times Square at about 9:30am to lineup around the gated area. They block off sections where pedestrians wait the entire day, around the main stage and to get a view of the NYE ball. We were lucky enough to get pretty close to the main stage and had a great view of the ball. Now Im not sure what I was exactly expecting from this day…but you never quite understand it until you do it yourself. Once you have marked your spot in the crowd, you’re not allowed to leave. What I mean is, if you need to leave to pee, I hope you wore a diaper. Once you leave the gated area you weren’t allowed back in, not even if you left your newborn in there. So let me reiterate, we stood there from 9:30am-12am, didn’t pee, didn’t eat, didn’t drink, didn’t sit. I have never been so physically and mentally exhausted from doing nothing in my entire life. NYE in NYC is not for the faint at heart. I was so bundled up I looked like an overloaded burrito, and still couldn’t feel my toes for days after. Miley Cyrus performed right before midnight (say what you want about her, but just about anyone is entertaining once you’ve been standing outside for 14.5 hours). As the ball dropped at midnight, the buildings above dropped confetti and it was absolutely breathtaking. So next time you decide to watch the ball drop on TV and think wow those people must be so drunk and having the time of their lives.. guess again I have never been so sober but I would do it all over again. Image


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