Lesbian Lovers

For the past few months I have not only been on a job hunt (still ongoing), but also an apartment hunt (naturally). After a few months of searching I have finally found a new home with my ridiculous roommates, and it couldn’t feel any better. Our search hasn’t been easy because we’re four people looking for a three bedroom apartment, this includes myself, two girls that I have lived with for the past 2 years and one of their boyfriends (God Bless his soul, I hope he survives this year). Our four person occupancy has caused a few speed bumps along the way, most landlords have turned us away because they only want three residents. After checking out a few apartments that looked like a murder scene, we finally found a place we can call home. Unknowingly, our realtor had been selling us as quite the package, which he only mentioned as we were signing the lease. He was selling us as two unconventional couples, AKA I am now apparently in a relationship with one of my best girlfriends (she’s not even my type). Therefore, our new landlord was not opposed to two couples moving in, instead of two singles and a couple. So now it apparently seems that I am no longer single, no longer homeless, once I have a job, I believe I’ll be pretty close to marriage material, (STILL INTERESTED IN MEN THOUGH). 

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