There comes a point in everyone’s life, where they’re faced with the fact that they don’t have their life together. Not even in the slightest possible way. This occurs about once a day for me. Speaking from experience, the LAST thing I want to hear from one of my friends (that are in long term relationships) is “maybe you should try online dating”, and all I want to respond with is MAYBE I SHOULD GET SOME NEW FRIENDS. But in all seriousness, I am a 21 year old girl who has their whole life ahead of them, I’m not in the mood for online predators or young single dads. I mean, what would I even put in my online bio? “Single, unemployed, dangerously pale, fine arts graduate, I read teen fiction”, wow, am I forever the world’s most eligible bachelorette or what. Whether your single by choice or not, ladies this is our time to shine. Being the third or fifth wheel may be in your job description, but it will pay off someday. Think about all the spare time you have to think about the must have qualities of your future significant other…I have only thought about it a few times:

-the loyalty of Dwight Schrute

-the commitment of Michael Scott

-the swagger of Harvey Specter

-the adventurism of Bilbo Baggins

-the knowledge of Dumbledore

-the humor of Jim Halpert

-the wit of Tyrion Lannister

-the cooking skills of the mouse from Ratatouille

-the anything of Ryan Gosling

-the availability of James Franco

Now in no way am I condoning that we should spending our lives searching for a man. This is our time to live independently, figure out who you want to be, spend your money on a $200 pair of shoes and no one will be mad at you but your mom, drink a whole bottle of wine on a Tuesday night, live your life the way you want too until you have to share it with someone. Long live the single ladies who will forever be inspired by Beyonce, (but don’t refrain from hooking a girl up).

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