Welcome to Heaven

It has now been four days since I moved into my new place downtown Toronto, and I absolutely love it, its practically heaven on earth compared to where I was before


– its the cutest god damn place Ive ever seen

– I live across the street from a grocery store and a wine store, I’ll never feel lonely again

– I live with the best possible humans available in the 21st century

– I’ll no longer have an hour long drunk commute on the subway to go to the bars, watch out world

– Got a house fish called Mr Noodle or Chicken for short, (use asian accent when pronouncing) 


-The house is 101 years old and my roommates are insisting its haunted

– I have a Gollum sized closet in my room, who knows what could be lurking in there

-Our couches wouldn’t fit up the stairs

-Had to buy a toddler sized couch from Ikea and had to assemble it, (Obviously I just watched)

-I swear the stairs are booby trapped, I will fall down once a week

-There is a huge skylight in my bathroom that we can’t figure out how to cover up so, neighbours you’re welcome

-Live directly across from a public school, little noisy runts

ALL IN ALL, I love it here 

stay tuned for when I hate it.

PS my mom insisted on taking a picture of me in front of my new place, it may or may not be floating around Facebook if she figured out how to post it.



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