Extra Desperate

Since I’m so desperate for money lately, my agency sent me a casting to be an extra in a music video, for an international DJ that I had never heard of. The pay was a measly 25.00 for 4-5 hours of work, but since I have nothing else going on, I accepted the offer. To begin with, there was no set address for the shoot location, they gave me an intersection and I was just suppose to show up. We were also asked to dress in business suit/attire and to look professional (I was a fine arts major as if I own or will ever own a suit). I found the set crew and all of the other extras huddled in tents on the sidewalk, was this really where I was spending my precious Monday? Yup. We waited around in the cold for a few hours until we were needed on set so I got to talking with some of the other extras, and they were outraged that I didn’t know the DJ we were shooting for, the producer for the shoot asked me how old I was, I told him 21, and he responded “you’re too old, thats why you haven’t heard of him”. Hold up. What was that? IM TOO OLD????? I almost had a god damn heart attack thats how old I felt at that second. How dare he, I am at the prime of my life, WOULDN’T YOU AGREE? Anyways, the rest of the day I spent walking on the streets being a pedestrian for the video, being freezing cold and pretending to be professional about it. In this one particular scene, the lead actor was suppose to be running through the crowd of extras, and we were suppose to be pushing him back. As a small person, I was below shoulder height of this actor and obviously not a force to be reckoned with while trying to push him back. As I was attempting this, my extremely long hair got caught under the actors armpit, so I am literally attached to him while he was getting shoved back, my head banging around and I’m feeling completely helpless as usual. All I’m thinking of is, what a show the editors are going to have while watching this footage of the idiot with the long hair, it was NOT my fault.

Anyways, if I ever make it into the video I’ll post it on here and get your opinion, who knows maybe I have a career as an extra?

2 Replies to “Extra Desperate”

  1. Hahaha, That is hilarious. I would agree that you are in the prime of your life.. The things I would do to be 21 again!!!! Excited to see this video haha

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