Sunburnt Newbie

I want to apologize to my valued followers, I have been…misleading. A few weeks ago I accepted a job offer at a clothing store, but lets be clear I only didn’t tell you because its part time, I STILL FEEL UNEMPLOYED, IF ITS ANY CONSOLATION. Yesterday I had my second shift at the store and it actually went pretty good. I was scheduled to work right when the store opened, like a keener I showed up twenty minutes early and because the store wasn’t open yet I had to be let it. Here lies my first problem, Im standing at the front doors knocking waiting to be let in. Not one, not two, but three employees make eye contact with me and don’t let me in, GUYS IM NEW OK. It was one of those eye contacts where they look at me for a split second and think “shit I wish I never looked at her”, I’m standing behind a glass door….I know you can see me. The fourth girl looked at me for a good thirty seconds before she decided to let me in. If that wasn’t enough, I was late for the opening meeting because I was sitting in the break room doing nothing, I wasn’t aware we had those meetings, BECAUSE IM NEW OK. Next in this series of events, lets point out to the new girl that she has a sun burn, incase she already doesn’t know…if its a sunburn on my face, I’m probably aware. Therefore I heard the following:

“Were you on the patio like, all weekend?”

“Hey Pinky”

“Uhh why is your face all red?”

Could I respond with any witty comment yet, no, BECAUSE IM NEW and no one gets my sense of humour yet. For the record, I get embarrassed easily and my face turns red in a millisecond, its practically a talent, therefore my face managed to go even more red every time someone decided to comment. 

So there…I’m half-employed, can I get a medal or something?

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