12 Year Old Trouble

Last weekend I was feeling pretty broke, what I mean to say, is I visited home for the weekend. This home is about an hour away from Toronto, now normally I take the bus, but I was offered a ride this particular weekend. I don’t care if that ride is a 45 year old caucasian male with a mustache, tinted car windows and drives a vehicle that could fit a few dozen kids in the back, you accept that free ride. Just kidding, I had relatives passing through the city. One of these relatives, happened to be my 12 year old spitfire of a cousin. This kid is always on the go, loves to chat and eats up being the center of attention. This guy is also in the stage of life where he has no filter, therefore, it made for some good blog material. In the hour car ride alone, I was asked the following questions, in no particular order;

Have you gotten drunk yet?

Can I see your tattoo?

Do you have any other tattoos?

Are you the only single one in your family?  (Come ON man)

Can I download an app on your phone so I can watch TV?

Can I look at your instagram?

Can I like this selfie for you?

Can I have your email/iMessage?

Why don’t you have a boyfriend ?

And for the finale, Are you becoming a lesbian?


If your wondering if I answered all of these adoring and non invasive questions with patience and zero sarcasm, you’re absolutely correct. After all, this boy did forget my name on multiple occasions because I only see him twice a year, I’ve got to make a lasting impression on the young ones. For future reference, don’t give your 12 year old cousin your number because I guarantee you will wake up to 7 text messages saying Hi and Yolo.

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