White Girl Completes Cleanse

If your an avid Rapunzel follower, you’ll remember my post about a month ago, about trying out a new cleanse. I’m letting you know, THAT I COMPLETED IT. Hallelujah Dear Jesus, I made it out alive. To recap, my cleanse consisted of no dairy, no gluten, and two protein shakes a day instead of breakfast and lunch. Over these past 30 days I have had a few thoughts running through my head:

  • you need 7 jobs to pay for any gluten free goods (eg; bread, crackers, cookies, pasta)
  • you DO get tired of having an omelette for dinner after four consecutive days
  • thats weird..I don’t look pregnant at the end of the day anymore
  • my one and only soulmate, poutine, I think has broken up with me due to my consistent absence
  • Beer…..I still love you, I just want to see other people
  • my skin no longer looks like the surface of the moon
  • salads are OVERRATED, mmm grass and vinegar
  • I would do something extremely illegal for a chicken nugget right about now
  • I could live off of dairy & gluten free mac and cheese
  • I haven’t slept this good in forever
  • I also couldn’t tell you the last time I took a nap

Now you’re probably all wondering…..did I celebrate? Yes, the first day after my cleanse, I woke up, had my protein shake, worked out, and then ordered a pizza and ate in on my roof, PLOT TWIST IT WAS GLUTEN FREE. For the most part, I’m going to continue being gluten and dairy free which means I’ll also be broke….donations will be accepted at anytime.

One Reply to “White Girl Completes Cleanse”

  1. I’m also doing this now! I started 3 weeks today (not that I’m counting..ya right) and I’m down on the scale! Feel great and my skin makes me cry happy tears sometimes lol mine is more for weight loss but I’ll call it a cleanse … However… I still have my vodka water lime once in a while ☺️ and I eat chicken and fish… So maybe it’s actually not the same at all hahaha k I’m done. Good job!

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