Don’t Feed The Models

By now you’re all extremely familiar with my struggles of employment, but in the last few week I have finally accepted two part time jobs and am now living a mature, post-grad, young adult life….just kidding my life is about paying rent, buying alcohol and  groceries (in order of priority). Even though I’m now employed, I’m still constantly looking for new opportunities to get my face out there, which is where my agency comes in. Now I’m not sure how to describe exactly what is wrong with my agency…..except that they send me castings that I’m not exactly ‘qualified’ for. (PS, when I signed with my agency, they give you a sheet where you check off your ‘talents’ such as basketball, dance, speaking different languages)

Casting 1: Certified Yoga Instructor for a commercial: I can Namaste with the best of them but I’m pretty sure checking off that I can do yoga and that I am a certified teacher are two different areas of expertise, also I cannot pronounce half of the names of the moves that we do in class. Also not sure if I’d be ready to suit up in some spandex for TV….nobody needs to see that.

Casting 2: Lead actress in music video, must be agile in the water. Upon reading this casting I thought, Hey, I can pretend to swim for a day if I’m getting 300$ out of it, until I reached the fine print “must be professional swimmer”. That, I cannot fake, I’ve forgotten how to swim since the age of 15. Wave pools are my nemesis, the deep end is hell, and I’d rather be embraced by a life jacket than any man I’ve ever met.

Casting 3: Looking for a girl who has a boyfriend, ***must be in real relationship***, to film a pilot TV series. So, not only do my friends and family mock my perpetual singleness, but now I can’t even apply for a casting WITHOUT HAVING A BALL AND CHAIN?? What is this world coming too…The pay rate was not provided, otherwise I might have grabbed a homeless man off the street, cleaned him up and sold him as my boyfriend because that’s as close as I can get to a real one right about now.


Just for the record, I don’t actually consider myself a model lets be serious, I’ve had one paid gig and it wasn’t anything to boast about, but here is the link the music video I was in if your interested in watching!

Parachutes by Otto Knows

( I come in at 2:26….a nice little close up)


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