The 28 Realizations of an Independent Twenty-Something

1) coupons are useful
2) if you pay for electricity, sometimes you’d rather stick to your furniture than turn on your air conditioner
3) cheese is awfully expensive
4) eating sushi every night for a week for dinner, will make you tired of sushi
5) mac and cheese although homemade, isn’t as nutritious as you want it to be
6) cable is overrated
7) that cheap beer you used to refer to as “monkey piss”, is now your go-to drink
8) you decide to walk places, because walking is free
9) you openly welcome visits from relatives knowing it will some how involve a free meal and/or possibly groceries
10) your parents are your first call…for just about any situation
11) although they say they miss you, their SUPER glad you don’t live at home anymore
12) you have to learn to become a cheap drunk
13) you start dressing like a hobo, not due to stylistic reasons, but you literally cannot afford to shop anymore, thrift shops are no longer an option, they’re the only one
14) you often think about how pathetic your life is
15) you notice that retail is NOT what you want to do for the rest of your life
16) you start telling people ‘stay in school’
17) “real life is the worst” becomes one of your go-to sayings
18) your grandparents start slipping you money way more often then they used too (not a complaint)
19) you would die happy for one last home cooked meal
20) when one of your shifts get cut early from work your no longer excited, your actually annoyed because there goes some of your rent money
22) trying to save your laundry for only weekend hours is becoming a pain..and seriously impacting your wardrobe
23) you start looking up where the local public pools are (ew)
24) the word ‘free’ has a whole new meaning
25) you’ve signed up for a points card at your local grocery store
26) your known as a local at your closest liquor store
27) you finally appreciate your family and enjoy the small amount of time you spend together
28) you visit Starbucks for their air conditioning.

Basically, you’ve become the lowest of the low, every day is a struggle when you wake up thinking about your bank account. But, you’re living. Your attempt at independence is commendable by all the people you know stuck at home, you have your own address for your credit card bill to arrive at! Good for us, we may be broke, living pay check to pay check, and arguing with the pizza delivery man for his 30 minutes or free guarantee when he shows up after 31 minutes, but you’ve got your independence…right?

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