Don’t Pay the Extras

To be perfectly honest, I don’t do much with my free time. Basically, my time when I’m not working is spent watching netflix or drinking cheap alcohol and pretend I’m saving money that way. Recently, I had a night off and was asked by my agency to be an extra in a music video. Now if your familiar with Rapunzel’s Reality, you’ll know this is something I have previous experience with…remember my cameo? Well, this time it was for free! Its sad…but realistically its also called ‘getting your face out there’, so I went. It was for a local Toronto band on their way up (fingers crossed), so once the video is released I’ll post it here incase any of you are familiar with the Toronto music scene. So I show up on a Wednesday night at this bar where they’re having the shoot, as I walk in I recognize a few people from my agency, but because I don’t know them well I sit at a table of random people…networking right? As I’m sitting I become acquainted with a few characters.
1) a tall thin boy who laughs like Steve Urkel…so that was quite enough of that
2) an older man, lets say mid forties, who is a ‘freelance worker’, he finds most of his work “off of Kijiji and Craig’s List”
3) a small asian boy with one of those hydrating backpacks, every so often he would stick his head under the table and take a swig from the straw connected to his backpack…he said it was water but lets get real people.

After a few painful hours of mingling with Toronto’s best, it was time for us to shine. The large group of us who had no problem working for free on a Wednesday, were used as the crowd at a concert. As this band performed we ‘rocked out’ in the crowd. The space was extremely small and crowded, and extremely HOT. (Let me just remind you of my complete lack of swag in the boy area, still single and boy-challenged) All the band members looked like models, ok? So there I am, pretending to jam out in the crowd to a song I’ve never heard, and am realizing the hotness of these musicians. But like I said earlier, it was HOT in there, so please tell me how I am suppose to grab the attention of these beautiful men if I’m sweating like a Sumo wrestler in July….its not happening. As I stand there drenched in my own sweat and depression….I realize that they are the ones missing out because they’re not noticing the drowned rat in the audience…you snooze you lose boys, see you never! I left as soon as we were finished and was never so happy to get home and have a shower in my life…it was all for a good cause though right? They better get famous. I better be in the video.

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