The Rebirth of Rapunzel’s Reality

I originally started this blog because I needed to create something, in a time where I felt that I had nothing particularly special happening in my life. I mainly shared the misfortunate happenings that seemed to continuously occur to myself—a young, single and naive girl living in the city. Fast-forward to four years later, I’d like to think that I’m still young, definitely no longer single, and maybe a little less naive. In the last four years I’ve moved up the corporate ladder in retail with a company that I enjoy, I’m in a happy relationship, live in a great apartment, have a great group of friends (most of them are related to me, whatever) and overall am doing pretty well. However, a big area I have been avoiding lately is my need to create (since it is infinitely easier to binge on Netflix or read). There are a few things I know I can do well, and writing and making fun of myself are really up there on the list. So here we go again, Rapunzel’s Reality take two. What can you expect? Maybe a bit more of a mature spin on my weekly life, my BF is also a great source of inspiration so expect me to really rake him through the coals (it had to be someone). If you’re interested in fashion posts HMU (hit me up [translation for my mom]) and I’m also really interested in healthy food but I won’t post any recipes since I just blatantly copy other people’s.

If there is anything specific you want to hear about let me know, I shall take requests! (Also I plan on leaving all my old blog posts up, nostalgia is a wonderful thing, but don’t judge, I have done some growing up).

4 Replies to “The Rebirth of Rapunzel’s Reality”

  1. I love these. You are awesome, but I have always known that. What i didn’t realize is how flipping funny you are lol. Keep up the great work. I am in for whatever you post.
    Formerly the babysitter/ neighbor 😊

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