Life with an (Un)Fashionable BF

I am very lucky to be in a happy relationship with my best friend (although he refuses to call me his). He is thoughtful, kind, funny (mostly to himself), generous and very personable. He is also fashionable, for the most part. Not to say that I am the biggest fashion guru on the planet, but I definitely never pictured myself in a relationship with someone who takes longer than me to get ready. Sometimes I will get dressed and ask him what he thinks, his reply is almost always, “ok, but do you have any other options?” GET A GRIP. I admire his…bold choices and the risks he takes with his outfits. Many of them I am against, and am very vocal about that, but like a true fashionista, he don’t give a shit. Here are some instances when I was against his choices, and I’m pretty sure he kept them on to spite me, but you never know.

1) The time he wore a very feminine dangling earring in only one ear… oh this is actually a weekly occurrence. The reason I find this most embarrassing is because when he moves his head the dangling pieces get caught in his beard, and of course to keep him from looking MORE foolish I have to detangle them

2) The time I was at the nail salon getting my manicure done and he walked in in a full on mechanics jumpsuit (accessorised with my belt) and I thought he had gotten a side job as an electrician. Nope, intentional.

3) The time he showed up at my work when we first started dating in a pair of denim overalls, and surprise there was a faux fur pocket on the bum…..nothing says I’m glad were dating like having to ignore that (we were too early on into dating and I couldn’t say anything yet)

4) How on really hot days he purposely wears a button up, so he can ventilate by literally unbuttoning until his belly button, at this rate he might as well just get it pierced

5) The multiple times he feels the need to wear an army jacket and army pants, he thinks I can’t see the mistake but I CAN

6) And the day he showed up in leather leggings so tight I could have sworn there was no way he would ever be able to get them off (flash backs of Ross Gellar in leather pants)

Altogether, it could be much worse. I could be with someone who doesn’t know who they are and isn’t confident in themselves. Or someone who wears flip-flops all year round, or thinks that cargo shorts are cute and practical. He actually makes a lot of his own clothes now and has started selling pieces, so maybe I’m the one that’s unfashionable after all…

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