Dirty Girls

Months back my Mom and sister committed to an all girls mud run, and usually this is something I would completely tear apart, but I decided to join them. Of course me joining them was infinitely more for the fear of missing out on a bonding experience that my mom and sister would have without me, so begrudgingly, I obliged. May I also mention, that I am not a runner. I am so not a runner that I don’t even run for the subway or streetcar. If any activity calls for running I usually stay home. We all know that treadmill minutes are longer than regular minutes so I avoid them altogether. For months my sister kept checking in on how my training was going, I kept steady for weeks with the workouts she provided, of course never pushing myself to exhaustion but always making at least an appearance at the gym (enough of one that I could snap chat a photo of myself working out and call it a day). I also roped in my BFF to join along this pain journey with me, two visits to the gym with me and she tapped out. Months went by and finally the big day arrived, the entire day before I kept researching what the run would be like, and what I discovered is that this was no ordinary run, it was a 5k run with 17 obstacles, in mud. Now for someone who is so lazy they would rather sleep the night uncomfortably with a full bladder than get up and pee, naturally I was worried for this (not worried enough to train to my full potential, but worried enough).

Race day finally arrived and I couldn’t be more nervous. My mom and sister made matching t-shirts for our crew, and of course came equipped with the number one tool every runner should have, a water bottle full of peach schnapps. Basically, there was going to be no way of getting me to the start line with out some liquid courage. The race started and we ran off into the sunshine full of confidence. Some of the obstacles included were , wading through torso deep waters, climbing in and out of mud trenches, crawling through mud patches, zip lining, crawling through inflatable tubes, inflatable rock walls, and the biggest mud slide you’ve never really wanted to see. All were completed with giggles, insults and a lot of WOOHOO’s. Due to the amount of mud on the course it was difficult to run the entire course, whenever we could see our friends and family watching we ran, for photo appearances sake. By the end of the race we were so entirely caked in mud that we needed to rinse off, there were no showers in the middle of this field, there was only a water truck with attached hoses spouting  Alaska cold water. The mud was so caked on that when I finally changed out of my west nile breeding race clothes, I just decided to part ways with them and left it all there! Is the mud run something for you? Check my pros vs cons list to decide.


-quality time spent with friends and family

-watching my mom avoid getting her hair wet at all costs

-getting exercise outside of the gym

-receiving an all natural mud bath

-photo evidence that I have done something athletic in my life

-supporting breast cancer


-mud in places it should never have gone

-my Dad showed up in crocs

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