(Almost) Fired for Forgetfulness

Back when I first started my job, I was thrown into the world of social media marketing at work. I had no idea what to really expect, other than the fact that I’d get some cool pictures out of the experience. Monthly we would plan, style and execute shoots that ended up on the country’s instagram page. This, for months, was the highlight of going to work and what I really looked forward too, (until they dismantled the instagram and took all of my joy with it). The shoots required you to borrow a bunch of product from the store (everything by policy, of course!), often times I was lugging bags and bags of product onto the subway that ended up being pretty pricey. On the last shoot that I was involved in, it was a bright and shiny day, the shoot location was down on the water front at a newly developed park. This was also during a time when I was about to move down to the waterfront, so on my way over on the streetcar I was completely enthralled by the neighbourhood, mentally picking out where I would grab coffee, mapping out how close the grocery store was to my new apartment, where the transit stops are etc, needless to say, my brain was busy. I was enjoying the sunshine and picturing my new life down here that was about to start. The automated voice announcing the next stop roused me from my day dreaming and I had to get off, excited by the beautiful photos to come I bounded off the streetcar and started walking to my destination. Within five minutes I was taking in the sights and breathing in the fresh air when I realized…I had a lot more bags when I got on the streetcar…then when I…got…off…I looked down to see ONLY my purse, and to have the epiphany that I FORGOT ALL OF THE BORROWED CLOTHES THAT DID NOT BELONG TO ME THAT AMOUNTED TO $1000.00 ON THE STREETCAR FOR THE LIKES OF ANYONE RIDING TRANSIT TO TAKE AND UPDATE THEIR WARDROBE. Panic and anxiety set in, and boy did this beautiful day turn into my personal hell. I ran back to the streetcar stop that I got off at and hopped on the next car heading the opposite way and immediately gave the driver my sob story, he informed me that the easiest option for me was to wait at a streetcar stop and get on every car that passed me to see if the driver had collected my bag…or if it was lost forever. So I defeatedly shuffle to the streetcar stop and realize my entire body is wet, a mix between nervous sweats, temperature sweats and tears, of course. I am crying, A LOT. The things that start to run through my head are;

-Will I lose my job?

-I don’t have $1000 extra dollars lying around to pay for the stuff I lost

-Someone is going to really luck out

-Maybe the clothes weren’t that nice anyway….

-Where am I going to apply to next?

As my sweaty brain is going 1000 miles per minute, I am hopping on streetcar number one giving the driver my sob story, he has no idea. Car number two, he also has no idea but tells me to wait in the shade when he sees just how sweaty I am. Driver number three, nope. Street car number four, I hop on and start to really cry when I begin to tell him about my terrible mistake when I look behind me on the front seat of the car and see MY BAG!!!!!!! I stop talking and immediately riffle through the bag and take a mental inventory, $200…$400…$700…$1000 YEP its all here!!!! The streetcar Gods forgave me!!!!! I’d like to think it was sheer luck, but mostly because the waterfront streetcar mid week in the morning is not the most happening place to be, that no one took the bag. I lost and retrieved the bag within one hour and still went to the shoot successfully, but boy was I on edge for the remainder of my day. Luckily, this was my last shoot before the company stopped the Instagram (and no it was not due to this incident), but you better believe I triple check my seat every time I leave now.

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