Bawling for Bald

Ever since I can remember I’ve hated hair cuts. Growing up, every time my crush would
get a haircut immediately my crush was cut short, over, done, see you never. And for the past four years I haven’t had to worry about that, my BF has had the same hair style and I have always loved it. For the past few months he had been toying around with the
idea of shaving his head completely, so he could get a fresh new start. I of course,
wouldn’t even entertain the thought of this, knowing it would be a mistake. You see,
when I looked back at his photos growing up he was always this cute AF, skinny little kid
with minimal hair…almost q-tip like you could say. And shaving it bald, well all I was
picturing was a 25 year old q-tip, not into it. Every chance he got to bring up shaving his
head he did and he always knew my position on this, so he just stopped bringing it up,
and I thought well, finally, some peace. One cold and terrible evening I went over to his
house and we were spending time in his mess of a room (hence the bad mood
creeping in in the video below) He takes out his phone and starts recording a snap chat
of me (still unsure why at this point), he starts zooming in on my face and all of a
sudden whips off his hat. To my absolute horror, he now has the baldest head I have
ever seen. SO bald I can see the reflection of my own tears. Tears? Yeah, tears. I mean
I’ve cried over my own haircuts before but never any one else’s. This was torture, I now
had to associate myself with this adult sized q-tip and pretend to be ok with it!! AND my
embarrassing tears were caught on tape! But the heart wants what it wants, and let me
tell you it did NOT want this hair cut. So he wore a hat around me for weeks, but its like
I had developed x-ray vision I could see straight through the hat at any given moment.
Eventually I grew to not hate it, but there were definitely some growing stages:
Chia Pet
Chia Pet
Chia Pet
Bill Cosby (particularly unfortunate phase)
Donald Glover
Its just hair, I realize. But for the future, for anyone, going bald is a joint decision, ok!!!!! I
suppose at some point I could try for some retaliation, but I cannot even dream about
cutting my own hair, its practically another limb at this point. Our relationship survived
one haircut, I don’t want to test it again for a very long time, my tear ducts are still
recovering. If you haven’t seen the reaction video, here it is again.

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