Our First D8

Christian and I are about to celebrate four, long years together in August, and in honour of that I thought I would tell the story of our first date. Not to be confused with our first mini date where we went for ice cream and he “forgot” his wallet and I paid (nothing wrong with that just thought I should point it out), this is also where I learned he had a unibrow ( I knew there was a catch).

The plan was to go for dinner after my shift at work, he picked me up from work (a treacherous day spent in the fitting room dealing with the teens of Yonge and Eglinton). We went back to my place so I could get ready while he waited in the living room. At this point I wanted to look cool enough that I didn’t need to change my outfit and was chill AF. So I went up stairs and did a third layer of concealer on my acne, spritzed some perfume and totally gave the vibe of being effortlessly cool after a day at work. And we were off!

We arrived at our destination, a Korean BBQ restaurant (I suppose that will do) and I am less than excited about cooking my own dinner. As this is not Christian’s first rodeo, I believe he frequented there at least once a week when we met. He ordered a slew of meats and rice as we settled in to start cooking our meal, (Korean BBQ is when you go for dinner with a grill in the middle of your table and cook your own dinner, yes you go out and pay to cook your own dinner). I’m not a huge meat eater and I could pretty much only identify the chicken, Christian took the lead doing all the grilling, while I decided what I could eat and still look cute, rice, thats a good choice. So I’m eating cutely, a bit of chicken, a bit of beef, a bit of rice. And Im doing a really good job, cracking my sarcastic jokes, pretending to be an experienced city girl, cool and funny and low key. I thought. Next up on the grill were the short ribs, another new one for me. So he grills them and I patiently wait and we chat. Finally, the ribs are done, and I ask “so how do I eat this, do I cut it, is it one bite?” and he said “Yeah, its one bite, just put it all in”. SO maybe he didn’t realize I had never had one before, because I popped the whole rib in my mouth, to bite down, and realize there is a freaking BONE in here. So there I am, wide eyed, mouth full, completely embarassed, in front of a guy that I am TOTALLY crushing on who is super cool (minus the unibrow) and am not sure how I am getting out of this one. Maybe I can digest bone and never realized? I had braces, maybe my teeth are uber strong. Do I just fake it and go to the bathroom? Christian immediately realizes that I popped the whole damn rib in my mouth in stead of biting “one bite” into it. He encourages me to “do what I need to do” and looks away as I grab a napkin and shamefully spit the whole damn rib into a napkin.    Thankfully, he just thought it was hilariously and somehow still found me A-DOR-ABLE but I definitely lost some chill points there. Four years later, we haven’t gone back to Korean BBQ yet, thats a success in my books.

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