Party Planning Committee

Recently we had a birthday party for my roommate, now it wasn’t our first party at our apartment, but it was our first *themed* party. There are different levels of effort involved, definitely more so with a themed party. The birthday girl wanted a Luau beach themed party, and thats what she received. If you’ve never planned a themed party and are looking for an in depth, sarcastic and low budget, I’m your girl.

Step 1:

Pick a theme

Here are some great options off the top of my head;


-Penis (I suppose not only limited to Bachelorettes)

-Colour themed, but if you choose anything other than all black or all white it will look like a gender reveal party

Ok thats all I have, if you want a theme party do it on a holiday like St Patricks or Valentines day, problem solved.

We wanted to be pretty extra with the theme, I wish Party City sponsored me for this post but first they would have to know I exist. They hooked us UP. They sell accessories for photo walls now, because Instagram is truly life. We purchased a photo wall and accessories, along with an inflatable palm tree cooler that we viciously tied down to our balcony.

Step 2:

Novelty Drinks or Shots

Most parties are BYOBs these days unless your a rich kid or a parent, parents always supply alcohol at parties, where do they get it all from? Will I ever reach the point in my life where I will have enough money to supply other people alcohol? Stay tuned.

We decided on making a special shot and drink for the birthday girl to hand out. We settled on mermaid juice (Lemonade, Blue Curaco, Vodka and Malibu). Along with a Tiki Torch shot (Malibu, Fireball and Pineapple juice) that one was a winner, I don’t think anyone turned a shot down all night, either that or we told them they weren’t allowed.

Step 3:

Good Music

Seems obvious, but some people have some really terrible taste in music. But for parties, and this one was filled with mostly white ballroom dancers, the music had to be either something they listen to in their studio or something on the top 40 pop chart. This is one of the settings that really great to have an Amazon Alexa or Google Home. Its also a really bad setting to have either of these. EVERY single person in the party acts like a kid in a candy store and about every 5 minutes I heard “ALEXA, PLAY ONE KISS BY DUA LIPA” This went on every 5 minutes until 3 am. How we never received a noise complaint I have no idea.

Step 4:

Have one thing people will remember

In this case, maybe not remember? A last minute decision to hit the dollar store resulted in buying 3 small water guns, for you guessed it, hard liquor. We filled the guns respectively, with rum, vodka and tequila. I was the only one who knew which gun was which so even if people asked for a certain liquor they got a surprise. It was Christian’s job to facilitate the guns, and he took his job very seriously. Every time we knew a new person was arriving, he would wait by the door and stick the gun to their mouth as soon as they entered. Its how alcoholics say hello. These guns needed refills multiple times throughout the night and I think eventually people were actually hiding from Christian, not surprised.


Miscellaneous tips:


-beer pong

-extra paper towel

-ear plugs if you had to work the next morning an go to bed before 3am like me

-make sure the oven is off before you go to bed


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