2nd Annual Inflatable Day

It all started last year when my parents invited my friends and I down for a weekend by the pool in August. We showed up after buying out half of the liquor store and to our complete surprise, a massive inflatable obstacle course was on our front lawn for the rest of our elderly neighbourhood to see. We had such a riot last year that we decided to make it an annual event, what adults don’t want to chug ill proportioned drinks and race around an obstacle course? This was the most highly anticipated event of my summer and it did not disappoint.

Our inflatable dealer (my brother) hooked us up with not one but two inflatables this year. We had an obstacle course that included jumping through or over horizontal tubes, up a rock wall, down a slide, through vertical tubes and then out a tunnel, keep in mind this was a two lane obstacle course but you almost always had some skin on skin interference. After you made it from the course with one too many rubber burns, you had to run to the table, drink, flip the cup (which is what slowed down all seniors, I mean parents) and then run up the stairs, slide down another slide and then tag in the next person on your team. It was the workout of the century plus alcohol.

The young boys rocked it, sometimes drinking twice for no reason, the dads were probably the most entertaining (insert beer belly jokes here), the moms were adorable, my sister had no competition because she is the size of a small muscular grain of rice, and me and my best friend were, probably exactly what you expect, subpar. On our first relay through with full teams, my brothers girlfriend aggravated an old knee injury, lying inside the tunnel fighting back tears, what she needed first was a beer, and then some ice. I actually don’t know which aid she was happy to see more, but the beer some how evaporated into her body within .10 seconds and were still unsure which one kicked in first, the Advils, ice or the many more beers she drank afterwards. The poor gal had to sit out and watch while we raced and chugged, the only good thing was now without her we had even teams (love you, T!).

I would also like to point out the amount of young kids that made a point of riding past our house in their mini biker gangs just to check out all the old farts racing for their dear lives, or with the hopes of being invited, sorry no one under 19 years old allowed. The obstacle course was a huge hit and kept us entertained for hours, but once we ran out of Blue Lagoon’s to drink and everyone’s knees and elbows were raw we decided to move on to the back yard. The dads entertained us with different versions of pike dives and a squirrel dive (not a real thing, just a mix between a belly flop and a dive that my dad is trying to patent) and then played a few rounds of Harvard. If you’ve never played Harvard, its a mix between beer pong, flip cup and chasing the ping pong ball. Pure insanity.

My mom seems to think that we might be only be able to have one or two more annual inflatable days, we only have an inflatable dealer because its my brothers summer job. But I’m sure we would be able to alter it, make a slip and slide into the pool or something and just give the weekend a new name..

I am so incredibly lucky to have a family that wants to spend time together (alcohol or not alcohol….but mostly alcohol) and loves to have a good time. Like I’ve said before, most of my closest friends are related to me, ain’t nothing wrong with that. The question is..who wants an invite next year?!

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