My Drunk Anonymous Friends: Part 2

Part two of these totally anonymous and totally entertaining posts is all thanks to YOU! You had the courage to send over your hilarious embarrassing moments…making all of us feel just a little bit better about our own dark drunken memories. Without further a dew, here we go:

-my friend was on vacation in Mexico, got so sloppy that they willingly dove into the shallow end of a pool, 12 stitches later in a Mexican hospital and a hefty insurance bill later…

-my friend got home after a night of drinking and instead of going into the house, went into their backyard and proceeded to throw up in their pond full of fish. After realizing what they had done, started screaming saying they had poisoned the fish, only to hop INSIDE of the pond and start trying to scoop out their own vomit (winning)

-my friend was trying to put her drunken boyfriend to bed, he was laying on the couch and she left the room for a moment to find him completely gone. She frantically searched their entire one bedroom apartment, closets and all, to finally find that he had crawled under the coffee table and fallen asleep

-my friend had a drunken night out with her friends, on their way home two of the gals ended up throwing up at the same time in the exact same garbage can while a lovely male friend held back both of their hair simultaneously. Also one of the girls phone’s dropped into the garbage can, you guessed it, into the puke

-my one friend had gotten so plastered that she started walking on all fours like a DOG and was yelling into sewer grates along the sidewalk, and eventually fell asleep beside one of the grates and had to be carried home when her friends finally discovered the lonely dog

-one gal was out on the prowl for some fresh meat at the bar, she noticed a guy she was interested in, but also saw another girl eyeing him up. She wiggled her way into his attention and noticed he had a Russian accent, immediately complimenting it, he said he really liked English accents. She continued to explain how she was “faking” her Canadian accent and then broke out her authentic British one, coincidentally. She pretended she was British for the following SIX hours. These six hours included arcade games, after party, a heart to heart where she comforted him in her really good British accent. The following day he messaged her asking to hang out and she was so mortified she faked an accent for the entire night that she responded saying “sorry babz, I’m a wee bit sick xx” SHE TEXTED HIM IN A BRITISH ACCENT

-one friend woke up, in his bedroom, sitting in a lawn chair, with paintball marks all over his body. His friends and him decided to have a paintball war and then he passed out in a lawn chair, his friends attempted to relocate him to his room on a dolly, but then found the lawn chair was much more practical

-my friend was subletting another friends apartment for the summer, this sublet included all of her furniture, including her mattress. She had gone out to a party that night and was having a friend sleep over, her friend had gotten way to blackout, and projectile vomited in her bed, passed out, then peed herself. She had to return the mattress to her friend soon after and had to explain what all the newly found stains were

Do we need to have a part 3? If you feel like you have a story that belongs here, HIT ME UP.

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