I launched this blog in 2014 while I was single, unemployed and about to graduate from University. It seemed many unfortunate things were happening to me in a short period of time, and after complaining about my life to my friends and family, I decided I needed a larger audience. Fast forward 4 years later…no longer single (not that its anyones business), fully employed and graduated, my life feels different but is inevitably the same. Feel free to follow along as I laugh at myself, still.


Header, About and Avatar photo shot by Kimberly Chorney, @wildbarefootandfreephotography

Post Editor: Katrina Froese


3 Replies to “About”

  1. OMG you honestly need to have a show about your life. I follow you on all your social media sites you are hilarious. I wish you would notice me. Please follow me!

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